The Eyes of ELSA – translated to english – by :LOUIS ARAGON


Eyes of Elsa

Your eyes are so deep that my fondness for drink 
I saw all the suns will come to admire 
in throw all desperate to die 
Your eyes are so deep

that I lose memory in the shadow of birds

the ocean is disturbed

 then the weather suddenly gets up

and your eyes change

 the size was the naked apron angels

 The sky is never blue

as it is on wheat winds hunt in vain sorrows

the blue your eyes lighter than her tears

when it shinesmake your eyes jealous

sky after rain glass is never so blue at its breaking

 O Mother of Seven Sorrows

light wet September swords have pierced the prism of colors

 The day is more poignant point

between crying iris blackhole bluer be mourning

 your eyes open in the double misfortune breach 

by which reproduces the miracle of Kings

 When they saw the beating heart

all three of Mary’s coat hanging in the crib

 just a mouth in May the words to all the songs

and unfortunately all too little of a firmament for millions of stars,

 your eyes They had twins and their secrets

 The child beautiful images captured by his googly less disproportionately 

When you do the eyes I do not know

if you’re lying Looks like the rain opens wildflowers

 Conceal they lightning in this lavender

where insects undo their violent love

 I netted shooting stars as a sailor

who died at sea in the middle of August

 I removed the radium from pitchblende 

And I burned my fingers to fire forbidden paradise

Oh hundred times found lost again

 Your eyes are my my my Peru Golconda India

 It happened one fine evening the universe broke on the reef wreckers inflamed me

I could shine above sea Elsa’s eyes eyes eyes Elsa Elsa

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